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Cacao nibs without heat treatment are a rich source of polyphenols due to which this product has such a rich color and taste. In addition, these substances are the all-powerful antioxidants.

For people living a healthy lifestyle, cacao nibs are a right hand that can protect against certain diseases and troubles and prevent cardiovascular diseases. Theobromine, which is contained in the crushed cacao beans, is a close relative of caffeine. Its value is that it improves blood circulation.

In one of the Japanese universities it was found that the biological cacao nibs can protect your teeth against the dental tartar and are an excellent prevention of tooth decay. The biological cacao nibs really produce a striking effect!

It is important to know that there is a great difference between ground cacao and cacao nibs. By buying cacao nibs in AGRO-FINANCE you reliably receive the highest quality product. The product offered by our company contains up to 50% of cacao butter that is a kind of a guide of cholesterol which is useful for our vessels.

Note that it is a natural chocolate which includes 70% of cacao that is useful for the human body because only in this case all the cacao properties favorable for the human body activate.

With a plain chocolate, which also includes crushed cacao beans, you will greatly enhance your immunity. For this purpose, you should eat about 55-85 grams of such chocolate during a day. We are pleased to inform our present and potential customers that the wholesale purchase of cacao nibs for a very reasonable price is a business card of our company. Conveniences in ordering and nice bonuses are waiting for you.


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